How to blog about other peoples work?

Working in the Chapel today I have found it a struggle to get started on Word Press. I was kindly helped by a colleague although being placed in the corner, I felt a little excluded from the documentation discussions. I tried to listen although I got tied into getting this blog up and running. I was present at the start of our talks however I did struggle to keep up with the flow of conversation and when I finally had something to say, the moment had gone. Although I did not agree with all the comments I still take them on board which for a while left me with writers block. I just need to start making regular posts, let the words flow and a structure will follow. I think I was a bit optimistic trying to write before the 11 11 11 event. I have to allow for mistakes and remember that this is a learning process, which may not work all the time. After the documenters initial meeting we went for a drink and had a lovely homemade meal at Michael’s studio. I have now come home fired up for tomorrow.

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