A presentation by Co-Organiser Center for contemporary public arts e l e m e n t i .
Temporary Autonomous Zone was the first part of the ongoing project Autonomy Zones which was realized in September 2010 in Bitola, Macedonia. The temporary zone and the autonomy were the basic point for creating the concept of the 6th Attitude Festival for video art and experimental film. Within the construction of limited time and space it was a reaction to a overregulated system and insignificant messages and information. This project  emphasized the contrast between the absolute solitude of the inner and outer space and tried to show that the autonomy as a moral and individual system of independence can exist. The temporary zone and a sub-festival approach was a response to the inertia and cultural hegemony.The participating artists were: Florian Sedmak/Anatol Bogendorfer, Vesna Bukovec, Sabine Maier, Nicole Pruckermayr, Kristina Bozurska, Martin Zet, Anna Miterrer, Catherine Vertige/Kosten Koper, Bernadette Huber, Philippe van Wolputte, Michele Naismith, Eleonore Saintagnan.

Temporary Autonomous Zone as part of EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! LIVE ART FESTIVAL

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