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REAL CINEMA: The Eye Walk by Myriam Lefkowitz

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An appointment is made between a performer and a spectator: a certain time and place, nothing more. When they meet a rule is set. The performer: “I am going to take you by the hand and ask you to close your eyes.” The couple viewer/performer starts their walk.

The performer chooses a focal point and turns the spectator’s head in the right direction so he can perceive it.  Aiming the spectator’s head, the performer says ‘open‘.

The opening time corresponds to the opening of a camera diaphragm: long enough ‘for the picture to be taken’ “Open, close” will be the only words spoken during the walk.

Through this mechanism, everything which enters the field of vision creates an event: it appears to the eyes as for the first time. The discontinuity gives each image the sudden strangeness of a flash. The space is made alive for the eyes.

The performer, who is now a guide, must create a relationship of mutual sensitivity so that the viewer can abandon himself ‘into his eyes ’ and accept to be disoriented.  The guide’s hands put him in a state of dance. His perception of all his inside movements is highlighted:  he dances.

It is a duet who is in process through the eye walk: two bodies commit to one another in a simultaneous walk, ‘just to see’.

‚Real cinema‘

The eye walk becomes a singular way to create a movie out of reality, a movie in which the viewer participates with all his senses involved.

(Myriam Lefkowitz, Paris)

When it gets hard to distinguish between
life and performance, I would say that it´s the beginning of reality.
Dora Garcia

Watch out for The Eye Walk in Paris on 11.11.2011 !

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