Performance Art Meets Constellation Work

PMC Berlin
PMC Experiment. Berlin, Germany. 2010. Carolin Seeliger

20. October 2010
19:00 Performance Art meets Constellation Work

In the evening of the 20th october 2010 there was an experiment for invited guests with 6 performance artists and 6 participants, working in the field of constellation work. Based on the „Art of Encountering“ (by Boris Nieslony) this project tried to create an interface between performance art on the one hand, and process oriented constellation work − a method for advanced self-awareness − on the other hand.
The performative encounter lasted for three hours. The aim of this experiment was to explore new fields of communication that might arise between these two fundamentally different domains.

please find some further informations about the event here
PMC_Invitation for participants


Abdel Majid Ouztit (Morocco/France)
Ali Al Fatlawi (Iraq/Switzerland)
Barbara Sturm (Switzerland)
Boedi O’Tong (Indonesia/Switzerland)
Carine Noury (France)
Carolin Arragain (France)
Claudia Hochedlinger (Austria)
Elisa Andessner (Austria)
Enrico Baradel-Gatto (Italy)
Gisela Hochuli (Switzerland)
Nicolas Souchal (France)
Wathiq Al Ameri (Iraq/Switzerland)

Photos (below) by Carolin Seeliger

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2 Antworten zu “Performance Art Meets Constellation Work

  1. Based on the „Art of Encountering“ (Boris Nieslony) and after discussion with Boris about my experiences with both Performance Art AND Constellation Work I had the idea for this experimental encouter.
    This project was a laboratory, an interface between performance art on the one hand and process-oriented constellation work (method for advancing self-awareness) on the other hand.
    // Gerald

  2. enrico baradel-gatto

    Hi Gerald,
    I want strongly say thank You to you and to Boris to made possible that exchange, nor an ordinary one neither an extraordinary too, but for sure a radical one.
    Thanks to have had the courage to enter in that space.
    I enjoyed it so much! More and more.YESSSSS.
    Thank you to all the people involved in that wonderful event during that evening.All my admiration and support to you all.
    It was for me an ecstatic moment, really, a jubilation out of the time.
    I did not feel properly the time passing, for me we were not in time, not at all, only waves of different energy -soft, raping, silent, screaming, agressive, lovely, lost, shocking, caressing, sexual, violent, – getting me involved from one unknown moment to another.
    A kind of jug filled with various beverages.
    The point was for me not to find out which drinks i like most but be ready to test and meet all of them, my included.
    No choice, only space.
    No idea about who was who and what he/she was doing, no idea how to meet who and why, no idea if I had to wait or not for something, no preoccupation about good image or bad image, no need of rules or codes, no authorizations, no moral, no judgement about the nature of the proposition – coming from inside or outside-, only a strong desire to meet it in the way that was possible including no meeting.In the end no separation in the deepest place.
    A big feeling of freedom, lightness, no worries about what to do other than be trustful and open, ready to every invitations.No thinking but being, being surprised often and blessful to be there with all of you.Being moved more that make a movement.
    It seems to me that never can be really exchanged without to accept the fear to be lost and eventually to find something bigger that we.Isn´t it?
    The attachment to something -whatever is- is the main point to explore more than something in itself.

    Is with happyness that I´d like to go on………..

    With Much Love Enrico

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