EXCHANGE! CONGRESS, Berlin. Photo by Carolin + Gernot Seeliger

20. October 2010
14:30 Performances

Liverpool Performance Artist and Drag-“Queen of Culture“ Mandy Romero, Sound Artist Alex Decoupigny and Performance Artist Dovrat ana Meron

Mandy Romero and Alex Decoupigny

An Impro Performance by Liverpool Performance Artist and Drag-”Queen of Culture” Mandy Romero and Sound Artist Alex Decoupigny

Dovrat ana Meron

Artists Statement:

“Untranslatable Words” is an interactive action in public spaces with flexible length between 30 min. to 3 h. according to the context and character of the event and the location.
I interact with people in different locations, in the street /public space, ask them to contribute untranslatable words in their mother tongue language and evoke discussion about the word’s cultural background.

I do not consider language gaps as an obstacle for fluent communication, but rather a catalyst for cultural exchange between people. I wish to re-activate the social role of public spaces. I wish create an exchange between different quarters within the city and eventually to bridge cultural gaps between different regions of one land and between countries. I hope to produce international actions and initiate a website with forum, online and printed edition of “Untranslatable Words” Lexicon.

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