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TRAILER 11/11/11

GO11 AWARD – Shortlist & Winner

The GO11 AWARD (500,-Euro for the best Urban Alternate Use, donated by EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! Live Art Festival) goes to FIT – freie internationale tankstelle
Most of the voters (182) and the jury thought that FIT is the best re-use of an urban environment.
The „Urban Guide for Alternate Use“ ( is a project by Scott Burnham.

FIT – Freie Internatinale Tankstelle
Dida Zende
Gas stations as art base
Berlin (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Ludwigshafen (Germany), Kaufdorf (Switzerland), Miami (USA), Lochau (Austria),…
The idea of the „friendly takeover “ of abandoned gas stations worldwide and change into „FILLING STATIONS FOR THE CREATIVE SPIRIT“ together with artist/non artist/community is a societal innovation and part of the social change.


Space Appropriator #3 / Junior Pro-ball
By Veronika Tzekova

Intervention, game, performance
Sofia, Bulgaria

The city of Sofia has huge parking problems. On the featured sidewalk obviously the owners of this now closed enterprise made arrangements to prevent the cars from parking, which created peculiar situation. Space Appropriator #3 uses the specificity of the sidewalk and by adding a simple chalk drawing in the shape of a football field offers an alternative experience of the place and an opportunity to practice a street game.
The series of urban interventions Space Appropriators (Urban Olympics 2011) comment on modes of use and behavior in common spaces in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Each Space Appropriator employs different situation in the urban fabric in order to question the Status Quo of variety of urban spaces and elements. Most of the Space Appropriators are developed in the shape of outdoors games, realized with simple media such as chalk drawing, elastic rope, stencils, stickers and etc.

Holiday in a park
By David Brazier and Kelda Free

Mail Art: Postcards from a nearby place
London, England

We are a married couple who use an island in a nearby busy London park for our holidays. In the middle of the night we inflate our small plastic boat and row the short distance to set up camp on our island getaway. Although very small the island is covered in dense foliage so we can remain undetected for the duration of our stay, usually two or three nights. We made a series of holiday postcards which we send to friends detailing our island adventures.


By Hans Lerperger
Game: Urban Footballgolf
Linz, Austria

When you marry football with golf, you get a nice new game for the city! You can play foogo anytime anyplace without using anything. Just take a lighter and a key lanyard to lift one or two manhole covers in a nice place. Make a ball of whatever you can find and have fun. Foogo is fun to play and tricky too, since the manhole is vertical unlike the usual goal! Don´t forget to close the manhole later on…

New Prospects
By Wouter Sibum

Intervention at a viaduct near Kluut, Hoorn (NH
Hoorn, The Netherlands

Custom made bench for turning a unused staircase into a place to sit. Approx. 8 x 6 x 50m. (Intervention without permissions)

People parking.
By s( )nia

Intervention, Urban Object
Berlin, Germany

Reusing found bicycle inner tube in order to create a place to stay in a bicycle parking.

Temporary Displacement
By Louisa Dawson

Ney York City, USA

‚Temporary Displacement‘ is a sculpture that is a disused rubbish skip which has been turned it into a small, but functional, swimming pool. All my sculptures juxtapose everyday industrial or domestic objects to make functional absurdities to communicate between structures, objects and environments.

PAINTING REALITY – A Brushstroke by Society
By IEPE & the anonymous crew, directed by AKIZ

Intervention, Painting
Berlin, Germany

500 litres of of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint were dumped on Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin – a new colour in front of every traffic light: lemon yellow, chimney red, cyan blue, and purple violet. The cars drove over the paint and became ‘paint brushes’.
The action was executed anonymously. For months people were guessing whether this was a ‘Guerrilla Advertising Campaign’ or an art-work.
It is in fact a work of art by Berlin-based Dutch artist IEPE (Iepe Rubingh, born 1974) together with an anonymous crew. IEPE is known for his ‘traffic congestive actions’ in Berlin and Tokyo, as well as the raining ‘Miracle Trees’ in Singapore, Berlin and Arnsberg. Additionally, he is the inventor of the hybrid sport ‘Chess Boxing’ and is the director of the World Chess Boxing Organisation, with clubs in Siberia, London, Los Angeles and Berlin.
IEPE works “within society” or “with society”. For him, Chess Boxing is as much Social Sculpture as an independent sport. The work ‘Painting Reality’ is connected to the idea of Social Sculpture and is a picturesque implementation of it. Video:

Construction Abusive

By Géraldine Py & Roberto Verde
Installation, Misuse
Brussels, Belgium

The title of this picture is „Construction abusive“, translated „Improper building“. There was a crane really close to the front building. We  took the opportunity to do the project: We set a clothesline from the last floor of the building to the hook of the crane, with the cranedriver assistance.

DUB 002
By John H Locke

Intervention/Installation:Book shelf in phone booth
New York City, USA

Even as they are rendered obsolete by the ubiquity of smartphones, I’m interested in pay phones because they are both anachronistic and quotidian. Relics, they’re dead technology perched on the edge of obsolescence, a skeuomorph hearkening back to a lost shared public space we might no longer have any use for. Something to be nostalgic for, in the way I can’t think about a phone booth without conjuring up images of an old, impatient woman banging on the door to one while I was inside using a calling card to ask for money. And of course they are nuisance, basically pedestrian level billboards that only blight certain neighborhoods (good luck finding a payphone in Tribeca, while there are eight separate phone kiosks on one block between 108th and 109th streets and Columbus Ave). But they can also be a place of opportunity, something to reprogram and somewhere to come together and find a good book with your neighbors.

Media Cooperation Partners: TAZ, zitty Berlin

Tranny Hotel Liverpool 11/11/11

Mandy Romero (UK) coop homotopia festival (UK)
Fri 11 – Sun 13 November
Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
Weekend Pass £20
European transgender performers and live art artists of all types and genres have jointly created Tranny Hotel as a setting for extraordinary attractions. Visitors are cordially invited to experience these works in the hotel rooms, in the lobby and throughout this hospitality establishment. In the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool, transgender artists—celebrities and unknowns, stars of the local scene and those who’ve traveled from afar—offer insights into their world(s).

Tranny Hotel will see dozens of transsexual artists, both male to female and female to male, from across the globe, perform a wealth of different works in numerous spaces around the hotel, from bedrooms and suites, to staircases, hallways and function rooms. The three day event will also see concert style performances taking place on Fri 11th November and Sun 13 November , an in conversation with event with legendary Transsexual artist David Hoyle at the Bluecoat on Sun 13th November and the Alternative Miss Liverpool Event, which takes place at the Kazimir on Sat 12th November as part of the Homotopia festival.

Renowned transsexual performers and artists will be flying in from across the globe to perform at the event with is the biggest Transgender event in the UK for 2011. Acts include accomplished Scottish transsexual playwright Jo Clifford, who brings her highly controversial piece ’The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven’, an early version of which was originally performed at the Glasgay festival in 2009. The piece will see small audiences meeting and interacting with Queen Jesus in a hotel room throughout the weekend. Spanish artist REgina Fiz’ will perform her critically acclaimed piece ‘The Ritual Wedding’ which also demands an intimate audience in an intimate space. The ritual wedding draws on tradition and precise ritual, and will leave the audience taking away a completely personal encounter through evoking memories and past emotions.

Norwegian female to male transgender artist Ane Lan brings the most personal of experiences to the hotel with her piece ‘Irma’s Room’, which is inspired by Sigmund Freud, Irma being the famous patient of Freud. Small audiences of just one or two people will experience the piece at a time, making it completely unique each time it is performed.

Other artists include Canadian transgender folk artist Rae Spoon, unique drag, cabaret and performance artist Jonny Woo, Tom Shaw, whose piece ‘Drag Mountain’ will see the stairways and halls covered in a string of dresses, before Shaw wears them simultaneously and American artist Lazlow Pearlman, will perform his piece Dance Me To The End of Love, which explores intimacy, love, partnering and the transgender body. A full line up of performers and acts will be announced shortly.