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Start of PAPER POLICE at 00:00

Jürgen O. Olbrich startet his 24 hour give away performance punctually at 0:00 in the Berlin festival base Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben. He has been chief of the Paper Police for more than 20 years, during which time he’s collected all possible and impossible sorts of „paper“. Exchange Radical Moments! is just the right moment for Olbrich to scatter parts of his collection in a 24-hour potlatch. In conjunction with this public giveaway/performance, the Paper Police are packing their inventory into convenient packets and handing them out. It’s not permitted to open them on the spot; actually, they should be retined in their original packaging if circumstances permit.
Come and pick up an individual PAPER POLICE parcel!

Interviews with Festival Artists

In the last few months EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! Live Art Festival has introduced most of all festival artists via interview on facebook. For all non facebook users, but interested parties, here are the interviews as pdf:

#01 8.6.2011 – Damaso Reyes – The Europeans | pdf
8.7.2011 – Myriam Lefkowitz – The Eye Walk | pdf
12.7.2011 – Sisyphos, der Flugelefant – The Absent Hero Leads the Way | pdf
19.7.2011 – triage live art collective – Strange Passions | pdf
15.8.2011 – Michael Kurzwelly – 2050 by Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page | pdf
19.8.2011 – Stefanie Wuschitz – The De-Othering Machine | pdf
30.8.2011 – Scott Burnham – The Urban Guide for alternate Use | pdf
7.9.2011 – Tatiana Fiodorova – Moldavian Land | pdf
9.9.2011 – Selin Kocagöncü – SK Vending Machine: Stockholm | pdf
9.9.2011 – Jörn J. Burmester – Tischgesellschaften | How to co-operate? | pdf
15.9.2011 – katrinamuri – Your Cousin PIA | pdf
18.9.2011 – 6th Hour Productions – Offret | pdf
20.9.2011 – Club Real – Tarzahn – The Noble Savage of Marzahn | pdf
21.9.2011 – Biljana Isijanin – NaN | pdf
22.9.2011 – Béatrice Didier – Into Your Arms | pdf
23.9.2011 – Rob Andrews – Bitola Clean | pdf
28.9.2011 – Sibylle Ettengruber – Walk on by | pdf
29.9.2011 – theaternyx – 11 familiengeschichten | pdf
30.9.2011 – Tom Pohl – Fremd Gehen | pdf
5.10.2011 – Toby Huddlestone – Walk the Line | pdf
17.10.2011 – Mandy Romero – Tranny Hotel | pdf
20.10.2011 – Noa Nahari – Communication | pdf

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Another 11/11/11 festival: Cyberperformances worldwide

UpStage Festival – Interacting with online audiences

The 12 cyberformances (live online performances) featured in the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival offer a variety of opportunities for online audience interaction. In all UpStage shows, audiences interact with the artists and other audience members through the text chat; this is often a very lively space, generating a fascinating commentary that can be at times profound
or hilarious. Cyberformance redefines the relationship between performer and spectator in a number of ways, and the shows presented at the UpStage festival explore many possibilities.
Many shows are specifically devised with audience interaction in mind; for example, at past UpStage festivals audiences have been invited to follow clickable clues to solve a murder, create animated mandalas by drawing on the stage, trigger sounds, answer questions and contribute stories; this year’s
festival is no different.
It is the 5th UpStage festival and the performances are all about 20 minutes long, with a show starting every half hour; so it’s very easy for audiences to participate, and there is no log-in required for audiences, just click on the link to the stage.
> read more:


On the 11/11/11 EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! Live Art Festival will take place across the European continent, simultaneously in 11 cities: Berlin, Bitola, Chisinau, Linz, Liverpool, London, Paris, Prague, Riga, Slubfurt and Stockholm.


8 performance artists from Hongkong disclosed current positions of Chinese Live Art and Performance Art in Linz from 7 – 8 October 2011 – in public space as well as indoor. Performance art reflecting society.
With Mok Chiu Yu, Yuen Kin Leung, Au Yeung Tun, Sammu, Leung Wai Man, Vinci Mok, Ger Choi Tsz Kwan, Chan Mei Tung und Idy Lam.
In cooperation with Performancelaboratorium Linz  in coproduction with the Festivals ZOOM (Hildesheim/DE), Kaskadens-kondensator Kunst der Begegnung (Basel/CH) and E.P.I. Zentrum (Cologne/DE), in cooperation with Orangerie (Cologne/DE) / coop missing link (Linz/AT).

TRAILER 11/11/11

Słubfurt, a hybrid city

Słubfurt is the capital of NOWA AMERIKA.
Download travel guide: Folder NOWA AMERIKA (pdf – 2,3 mb)

VIDEO The Absent Hero Leads The Way

REAL CINEMA: The Eye Walk by Myriam Lefkowitz

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An appointment is made between a performer and a spectator: a certain time and place, nothing more. When they meet a rule is set. The performer: “I am going to take you by the hand and ask you to close your eyes.” The couple viewer/performer starts their walk.

The performer chooses a focal point and turns the spectator’s head in the right direction so he can perceive it.  Aiming the spectator’s head, the performer says ‘open‘.

The opening time corresponds to the opening of a camera diaphragm: long enough ‘for the picture to be taken’ “Open, close” will be the only words spoken during the walk.

Through this mechanism, everything which enters the field of vision creates an event: it appears to the eyes as for the first time. The discontinuity gives each image the sudden strangeness of a flash. The space is made alive for the eyes.

The performer, who is now a guide, must create a relationship of mutual sensitivity so that the viewer can abandon himself ‘into his eyes ’ and accept to be disoriented.  The guide’s hands put him in a state of dance. His perception of all his inside movements is highlighted:  he dances.

It is a duet who is in process through the eye walk: two bodies commit to one another in a simultaneous walk, ‘just to see’.

‚Real cinema‘

The eye walk becomes a singular way to create a movie out of reality, a movie in which the viewer participates with all his senses involved.

(Myriam Lefkowitz, Paris)

When it gets hard to distinguish between
life and performance, I would say that it´s the beginning of reality.
Dora Garcia

Watch out for The Eye Walk in Paris on 11.11.2011 !

Video documentary Tranny Hotel Cologne

More than 250 proposals received

We invited artists to present ideas for projects.  Deadline was September 30, 2010.

Many thanks to all artists for their submissions. The project selection will happen soon, in October 2010.

Kick-Off Meeting London

Review by Steven L. Bridges

Exchange Radical Moments! Live Art Festival

>>Blog posting about this image by the photographer Damaso Reyes

Exchange Radical Moments! is a brand new Europe-wide Live Art festival. It will take place simultaneously in cities across Europe  on 11 November 2011 (11.11.11). The various events will consist of site-specific interventions, public interventions, performances and live acts. This will be the first time that such a festival takes place simultaneously across the European continent. The project is organised and developed by DIE FABRIKANTEN, an arts-based collective from Linz, Austria. Co-organizers are from Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Macedonia and Germany, associated partners from Moldava, Latvia, Germany and England.

supported by  Stadt Linz, Land Oberoesterreich, Bmukk, EU Commission for Education and Culture