Monatsarchiv: Oktober 2010

EXCHANGE! Congress 20.10.2010

At the EXCHANGE! Congress on the 20th of October, 2010, in Berlin, people were able to learn more about the festival and get in contact with the organizers and other artists. An experimental and unique congress format as well as an exciting program of events led to many discussions and exchanges. Starting with a „Pecha Kucha Brunch,“ followed by video screenings (highlights from the Attitude Festival in Bitola, Macedonia), performances, a round table talk dubbed the „Tea Table Talks,“ and finally ended with the experimental encounter „PMC“.



  • GLS Campus Berlin
    Sprachschule, AULA
    Kastanienallee 82
    D -10435 Berlin

Photos by Carolin & Gernot Seeliger

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Photos on the experiment „Performance Art Meets Constellation Work“

Photos on the Public Art Intervention „Untranslatable Words“ Dovrat ana Meron

Photos on the Performance by Mandy Romero & Alex Decoupigny

Photos on the „Tea Table Talks“

The Urban Guide for Alternate Use is live!

This is the next project for exchange!  The Urban Guide for Alternate Use was created by Scott Burnham to serve as both catalogue and catalyst for design resourcefulness in the city. The Guide features and examples and ideas; ways in which people are treating the city not as the end of an urban design process, but the beginning of one, and then take it upon themselves to change the use of an object or area in the city to serve another need. A celebration of re-use and resourcefulness in the city through alternate uses for urban objects and areas.

More than 250 proposals received

We invited artists to present ideas for projects.  Deadline was September 30, 2010.

Many thanks to all artists for their submissions. The project selection will happen soon, in October 2010.