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Cousin PIA

Cousin PIA is in Linz and has visit already some of her relatives, like Georg Steiner (who wasn´t here today, but the Cousins Barbara, Claudia and Patrizia have been at the office), Erich Watzl, Julius Stieber and our musician in the family Hubert Igelsböck.

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Start of PAPER POLICE at 00:00

Jürgen O. Olbrich startet his 24 hour give away performance punctually at 0:00 in the Berlin festival base Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben. He has been chief of the Paper Police for more than 20 years, during which time he’s collected all possible and impossible sorts of „paper“. Exchange Radical Moments! is just the right moment for Olbrich to scatter parts of his collection in a 24-hour potlatch. In conjunction with this public giveaway/performance, the Paper Police are packing their inventory into convenient packets and handing them out. It’s not permitted to open them on the spot; actually, they should be retined in their original packaging if circumstances permit.
Come and pick up an individual PAPER POLICE parcel!

Walk on by, Berlin – Sibylle Ettengruber

From 9 to 11.11.2011
Berlin (DE) – Grid Square F7 location on map
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Over the course of three days, performer Sybille Ettengruber paces off the perimeter of grid square F7 on her map of Berlin—a four-kilometer hike in the real world. In doing so, she’ll be crossing over public lands and private real estate, traipsing through apartments and gardens. To be able to overcome obstacles, her luggage will include a ladder. The stroll will be filmed and photographed.

Live Streams on

The very first broadcast on  is an interview with Scott Burnham, made with Bambuser broadcaster and Bambuser chat. Burnham speaks about his long-term festival project The Urban Guide of Alternate Use. This project is still open to vote for the winner of the GO11 Award.


Radical Cooking! Radical Eating! At HAU3, Berlin

11 hours
11 chefs
11 radical recipes
From 11am-11pm on Friday 11/11/11 – Admission free!
Cod with potatoes, Phoenix Claws, Frustration Cake, Skull Soup, Hitler-Stalin-Pakt-Menu and more!!
Full program, menu:

Flashmob in Riga, already on 10.11.2011

At the Freedom Monument in Riga will start a flasmob on 10 November, at 16:00 (Riga time). The UK artist Toby Huddlestone deals with new forms of political protest, unconventional initiatives to challenge the authorities. In Riga, he and many other people will be marching from the Freedom Monument to the Victory Memorial in a demonstration with no clear message or demands.
Blog in Latvian language:
Artist’s website: