Schlagwort-Archive: Leo Devlin

11 11 11 How do you remember In Remembrance?

11 hours later, 11 artists later, 11 performances later…and 11 11 11 has died down but only for an hour- the wake starts at 11pm!

From 11pm till 2am come and join us at Platt Chapel for In Loving Memory. How do you document 11 hours of living art?  What do we the documenters remember?  Come to Platt Chapel for our wake a celebration of what we have just lived.  Hear the sounds, see what we saw read what we felt.  No matter whether you were here in the day – at 11pm we all remember together.

We felt the warm blood

The branches on our head

Visited the dead in their graveyard beds

Felt the four hooks pierce our skin

Played with leaves

Sprinkled powder from the blue plastic bag

Come on Eileen

Take a last gasp

Wearing our mums clothes

Blasting out the soundscape of our nightmares

Hear the final whistle blow.

Michael Mayhew gave the final toast.


See you at 11pm!