Schlagwort-Archive: 48 hours Neukölln

The Absent Hero Leads the Way – a participatory en route performance by SISYPHOS, DER FLUGELEFANT

tracks Nai Wen Chang

Performers: participants (6 to 8 people/group) and people they come across
Location: Neukölln District, Berlin
Time: every 2nd hour at the 13th Art and Culture Festival „48 hours Neukölln“ from June 17. – 19. 2011 (Prior Booking Required)
Duration: approx. 2 hours (or determined by each group)

Our time is dominated by material goals, which, once reached, exhaust themselves soon. Nevertheless, we spend most of our life in pursuit of them anyway. At the end, what becomes of true luxury is not to possess the latest IPhone from yesterday, but to have five minutes to meet people.
With a map and a riddle in hand, you are ready to go. Further instructions can be found everywhere. You just have to meet the right people or get to the right places. But how do they look like? How can I recognise them, when I meet them? Does the man in black have the instruction for me? Is the picture at the photo booth some kind of sign? Can the nursing home be the place? You can only come up with questions, once you hit the road.

Luxury Neukölln? The absent hero leads the way!

Festival „48 Hours Neukölln“:

Sysiphos, der Flugelefant is nominated for the shortlist of the Exchange Radical Moments! Live Art Festival.