I arrived here at 9.30am wanting to get set-up and logged on. All the documentors are situated up on the balcony overlooking the main space. Not sure whether to introduce myself, is that really important? I applied for this opportunity to look at other peoples work, learn about live art and to develop my writing. My background is performance and video although my pieces are very short. There will be a lot of durational work throughout the day which sometimes I can struggle with although I do want to engage with it. The documentors have been talking about structure, for example recording sound every hour, editing in the moment, a stream of consciousness. I just need to get into my own flow and will write when something needs to be written. Other people can contribute on this blog during the day not sure if people will? A few techy things I need to sort out such as linking into the 11 11 11 facebook page. Audience members are now getting let in. Shortly there will be a minute’s silence.

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