eleven. berlin.

Next to high-end culture and classical entertainment for those with a thick wallet, Berlin is a capital of the free and radical arts; new arts that can surprise us in refreshing and unimaginable ways, capturing the incomprehensible and – at times – inenarrable, not possible to be captured in words.

Be it graffiti, a sole monologist on Alexander Square or a brass-band on the subway at 8am – you cannot escape live art in Berlin. Among this plethora of artsy outbursts, the EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS LIVE ART FESTIVAL, taking place now, on the 11.11.11, blends right in. Innumerable projects in Berlin, Bitola, Chisinau, Linz, Liverpool, London, Paris, Prague, Riga, Slubfurt and Stockholm are supposed to make an effective break into our daily routine – by means of live art.

As announced on this website „live art projects (…) meet us in the middle of our everyday life (…) interrupt the usual routine and unbalance us“.

Well then, let’s be met, interrupted, and unbalanced by live art. In Berlin. Let’s see and understand.

Wait. Is there a need for understanding?

How do we understand? How do we rely on our senses in this marathon of art, in which pictures, movements, sounds and noises blend in into an amalgam of radical moments? Can you understand? Well.  We will just need to see what crosses our ways. And hope it will be capturable.

To be continued.

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