News from the exchange partner from Manchester!

We are here in Platt Chapel, Manchester discussing how to document the 11/11/11 event. How do you document an eleven-hour event? When do we start? When does it end? Where in the building to record sound? How to film? Generally it sound’s like most people want some structure. There are eleven documenters and eleven performance artists. Allot of people in a small space. Where should we all be placed during the event without interfering with the performances? Talking about tweeting, short condensed. Hai Ku is being mentioned about rhythm being scattered around the space. People’s voices are being echoed in the space and I’m finding it hard to capture what people are saying. Michael say’s ‚brilliant‘. I’ve got a question; Is it ok to say I’m going to do what the fuck I want? Will the documentation of the event just go everywhere? Not to delicate upsetting the artist. It’s our own discretion? The structure for the next three days: How to document the event. Documenting the event. Creating an art installation from the documented material.

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