Tranny Hotel Liverpool 11/11/11

Mandy Romero (UK) coop homotopia festival (UK)
Fri 11 – Sun 13 November
Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
Weekend Pass £20
European transgender performers and live art artists of all types and genres have jointly created Tranny Hotel as a setting for extraordinary attractions. Visitors are cordially invited to experience these works in the hotel rooms, in the lobby and throughout this hospitality establishment. In the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool, transgender artists—celebrities and unknowns, stars of the local scene and those who’ve traveled from afar—offer insights into their world(s).

Tranny Hotel will see dozens of transsexual artists, both male to female and female to male, from across the globe, perform a wealth of different works in numerous spaces around the hotel, from bedrooms and suites, to staircases, hallways and function rooms. The three day event will also see concert style performances taking place on Fri 11th November and Sun 13 November , an in conversation with event with legendary Transsexual artist David Hoyle at the Bluecoat on Sun 13th November and the Alternative Miss Liverpool Event, which takes place at the Kazimir on Sat 12th November as part of the Homotopia festival.

Renowned transsexual performers and artists will be flying in from across the globe to perform at the event with is the biggest Transgender event in the UK for 2011. Acts include accomplished Scottish transsexual playwright Jo Clifford, who brings her highly controversial piece ’The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven’, an early version of which was originally performed at the Glasgay festival in 2009. The piece will see small audiences meeting and interacting with Queen Jesus in a hotel room throughout the weekend. Spanish artist REgina Fiz’ will perform her critically acclaimed piece ‘The Ritual Wedding’ which also demands an intimate audience in an intimate space. The ritual wedding draws on tradition and precise ritual, and will leave the audience taking away a completely personal encounter through evoking memories and past emotions.

Norwegian female to male transgender artist Ane Lan brings the most personal of experiences to the hotel with her piece ‘Irma’s Room’, which is inspired by Sigmund Freud, Irma being the famous patient of Freud. Small audiences of just one or two people will experience the piece at a time, making it completely unique each time it is performed.

Other artists include Canadian transgender folk artist Rae Spoon, unique drag, cabaret and performance artist Jonny Woo, Tom Shaw, whose piece ‘Drag Mountain’ will see the stairways and halls covered in a string of dresses, before Shaw wears them simultaneously and American artist Lazlow Pearlman, will perform his piece Dance Me To The End of Love, which explores intimacy, love, partnering and the transgender body. A full line up of performers and acts will be announced shortly.


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